san francisco

In the woods

I love the stillness of the forest early in the morning and the way light illuminates the paths throughout Muir Woods. I love how light passes through the redwoods, casting shadows onto certain pockets of the forest.

Though I do like the bustle of the city, it's energizing to spend time away from the constant motion as well. Visiting Muir Woods felt like an adventure, though it wasn't far from home. It's this that draws me to the city--it has the bustle of a city, but it's also close to nature. 


On the coast

I’ve been thinking about starting a photo blog for a while, and now that it’s summer, it seems like the perfect time to begin. I discovered film about a year ago while taking a black-and-white photography class (which I already miss) and haven’t stopped shooting it since. 

I sent off two rolls last week and can’t wait to see what comes from those rolls, but for now, I'm sharing a few photos I took at the Sutro Baths. We got there just as the sun was beginning to set, which was lovely.