adventures in la


My sister came to visit me for a few days in December right after finals. In the four days we explored together, we bought too much produce for two people to eat at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, made it to Griffith for sunset, and found lots of used books at Smorgasburg LA.

Having lived in LA for almost two years now, the list of places I've been hoping to visit has gotten quite long. We visited many of the places I've been wanting to visit, but I also took my sister to a few of the places that have become favorites of mine, including the Getty and Jeni's. 


But my favorite day ended up being the one that was the most spontaneous. We decided to visit The Broad, but didn't plan anything beyond that. After seeing the Infinity Mirrored Room (which was incredible), we wandered around the area and eventually ended up in Grand Central Market. As soon as I stepped inside, I immediately loved how lively it was. So many different cuisines came together inside, and I enjoyed seeing hints of history and neon signs dotting the interior.